Three assets make TI People unique: Our peer base of senior HR leaders, our ‘fast & right’ tools to make companies ready for comprehensive self-help – and our strong focus on digital transformation and innovation.


Peer base & thought leadership

Speed up your functional transformation and innovation by tapping into the knowledge pools and benchmarks of the world’s most progressive companies in digital HR. TI People based its business model and service offerings on insights generated by leading global companies and their HR executives. Additionally it combines thought leadership and future trend analysis with benchmarks that show what works best for peer companies. That way, TI People’s clients can transform quicker because they benefit from their peers’ best experiences bundled with innovative approaches.


‘Fast & right’ tools

60 percent of today’s consulting engagements address recurring issues, Functional Transformation being the most prominent among them. And due to stronger ownership, transformation programs are evidently less costly and more sustainable when run predominantly by internal teams. It’s certainly time for a new, cost-reducing approach: Within TI People’s ‘fast & right’ tools, we have bundled best practices from leading organization in tangible assets that are setting up internal project teams for success.


Innovation focus

Innovation is not a value per se, parting with traditional ways needs justification. The digital age poses challenges to the world of work that can only be overcome by embracing new approaches to transform HR. TI People dedicates itself to follow through with these approaches. Its services and know-how help companies to innovate their HR transformation programs, define, build and implement their digital HR agenda and innovate their ways to manage work and people.