Establishing Employee Experience in complex organizations

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Aug 23, 2022

What is the number one lever to start and establish Employee Experience in an organization? It is to immediately show a positive impact on business results. Employee Experience is still not perceived as a CEO priority, although it should be given the high impact of positive Employee Experience on company performance.

So to get the backing and budget to roll out Employee Experience, it’s essential to prove its value.

Let’s use early attrition as an example where to start: Losing people in the first year of their employment reduces the productivity of an organization. If you find such a case, apply Employee Experience methodology to improve the hiring and onboarding experience to retain people. Make sure to measure both experience and attrition before and after implementing changes to collect data that shows the positive development. And ideally connect this improvement to business KPIs. Once you have done that, broadly communicate the impact of applying the Employee Experience approach to attract other business leaders’ interest.

Typically, the business issues to start with should be well-defined and rather small. Look for areas where you find initial interest and support, and where you have a chance to implement changes. In short, choose smaller, quick improvements over large complex re-designs.

After having taken the first steps you then need to scale the different aspects of Employee Experience management, like measurement, design, etc. To learn more about how to scale EX, have a look here:…

Let me know what you think about how to start and establish Employee Experience in complex organizations.

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