Who is responsible for Employee Experience?

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Aug 23, 2022

Employee Experience is an organization-wide responsibility. It’s a commitment to make the experience of work for employees as good as possible.

Initially, Employee Experience may be driven by a function like HR. But wherever an EX Leader sits, she needs to expand responsibility to the entire organization. Often, taking care of Employee Experience requires a change of culture, a change of how the organization looks at employees’ interactions.

Business leaders play a big part in realizing the business value of Employee Experience, demanding EX services, and supporting investments into Employee Experience improvements. Line managers’ behavior is very important as well, given their high impact on many experiences that matter most to employees.

‘Backstage’ teams like IT, facility management, or HR need to work hand in hand to improve experiences across functional borders.

Overall, the organization needs to adopt Employee Experience approaches, which involve measuring Employee Experience, deriving insights to prioritize EX improvements, designing and implementing solutions together with employees, and re-measuring experiences to prove the positive impact of EX also on business outcomes.

Let me know who you think is responsible for Employee Experience in the comments down below.

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