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We partner with Employee Experience Leaders to enrich employees’ experience of work.

Compiling years of EX research-validated in 90+ projects, we base our services on an proprietary model defining the ‘5 Horizons of EX’.

The ‘5 Horizons of EX’ are our point of view on how to apply Employee Experience in complex organizations.

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detailing our “5 Horizons of EX” –
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5 Horizons of EX

Why is it important

What we deliver

Employee Experience Horizon

Bases: employee experience intelligence – data & insights

Experience-centric data is the necessary currency to drive Employee Experience forward in large organizations

Innovative Employee Experience Intelligence and EX Operations technology solutions (from our sister company FOUNT)
Employee Experience Horizon

Horizon 1: employee experience leader roadmap

Effective Employee Experience roadmaps balance the experience needs of people with business needs and organizational readiness

Employee Experience Vision & Roadmap to manage employee experience at scale over time, EX leader coaching, peer exchange, and networking with Employee Experience leaders


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Employee Experience Horizon

Horizon 2: executive activation

HR and business executives need a common understanding of Employee Experience, and an EX value proposition specific to their own business priorities

Inspiration and interactive learning sessions for your HR and business executives, and business / HR -specific Employee Experience value propositions


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Employee Experience Horizon

Horizon 3: experience improvement & measurement

The success of Employee Experience leaders depends on actual experience improvements for people, backed by data-based evidence

Definition of your Employee Experience listening strategy, set-up of EX intelligence solution; initial Employee Experience improvement projects


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Employee Experience Horizon

Horizon 4: business and people performance

ROI of experience improvements is measured by connecting Employee Experience KPIs with individual productivity and various business performance KPIs

Build and activate an Employee Experience Intelligence Service Model and business value models


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Employee Experience Horizon

Horizon 5: continuous employee experience improvement

Managing Employee Experience at scale requires global and local accountability for experiences, supported by closed feedback-loops

Design your Employee Experience service offering to support employee experience at scale incl. governance, ways of working; activate Employee Experience operations solution


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