Building Blocks of Digital HR

Digital HR: The short story

Driven by the changing world of work and attracted by the benefits of a high HR digital maturity, companies are striving towards a digital transformation of the HR function. To define the transformation agenda, companies identify the importance and current maturity of specific building blocks of digital HR. Our HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic is specifically designed to help companies prioritize among these building blocks and ultimately leads towards an HR Digital Roadmap.

What you get out of this free 'Digital HR Readiness' 5-Minute-Check

Research identifies several prerequisites for Digital HR, like HR data quality, reliability of HR services, and Customer Experience of HR (CxHR). The starting point of companies on their road to advanced digital HR differs: Some companies already have the requirements in place while others lack the basics. This free 'Digital HR Readiness' 5-Minute-Check will tell you how ready your company is for Digital HR by showing your company's results in comparison to benchmark data. It is not a short version of the full maturity diagnostic.

To benefit from the 5-Minute-Check, answer the questions below and we will send you an e-mail with your individual results. The typical next step is to run the full HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic to create an in-depth understanding of your current and desired positions and align the HR Leadership Team. If you are interested in further information, please contact us.


Run 5-Minute-Check by rating the 6 statements below (*=mandatory):

Q1: Our HR data is a reliable and comprehensive source of information. *
Q2: Our HR services deliver reliable results (working payroll, correct contracting, etc.). *
Q3: We have all HR IT systems up and running that are required to create value for our business. *
Q4: Our HR staff has a clear understanding of the different aspects and the value of digital HR. *
Q5: In the next months, we will start applying principles from consumer marketing (e.g. personas, journeys, touchpoints) to (re-)design our HR services from our customers' (e.g. employees, candidates) perspectives. *
Q6: We investigate how to measure satisfaction of HR customers at defined stages of the customer journey and improve HR services based on the results. *