To provide disruptive insights for future HR work, we partner with global thought leaders in digital HR and the most progressive companies. Our member companies form a sounding board that ensures our research is directed towards the most relevant priorities.

All findings from our studies are made actionable. We convert insights into templates and tools that serve our clients. Most recently, our research on Customer Experience of HR (CxHR) has revealed the need for a tool to improve the customer journey along HR services. That ultimately led to the development of our widely used CxHR tool.

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As a consumer of various services, like banking, I’m occasionally frustrated by the surprising complexity of doing simple things, stuck in some multi-layered voice system or surfing across internal silos (sometimes in an endless loop) when trying to resolve an urgent problem. I like to complain about customer service as much as anyone, but I

This article is the first of a series of blog entries on the business value of a digital HR agenda. This part will focus on ‘Customer Experience of HR’ (CxHR), and more specifically on agile service design and customer experience management.   Introduction There are several ways in which HR measures its effectiveness. Some overly

Companies are struggling to build a digital roadmap for their HR function. But is it a good idea to implement one at all? The answer is: Yes, absolutely. We are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, the world of work is changing faster than ever before, it is a revolution that was anticipated

Employees and HR functions alike find themselves on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. The World Economic Forum states that current changes are so severe in respect to their velocity, scope, and systems impact that they will most likely profoundly affect our way of living, working, and relating to each other. They will do

The world of work is changing at a faster pace than ever. Nobody knows exactly what the future of work will look like. Yet there are stable trends that help to predict how we will work in the coming decades. An easily accessible model describing tomorrow’s today is hinting at six trends:   The model

No doubt – HR is not exactly a data savvy function: Between 80% and 100% of CEOs require strategic decision support informed by people data, yet less than 20% of them receive such information from the HR function. That message is well understood by HR: In our recent research, European Heads of HR Analytics report

No doubt – the term ‘digital’ sums up the most eminent strategic challenges for almost any industry. In most companies though, HR is left out when digital strategies are discussed at executive level. HR is often perceived as a digital latecomer, with a reputation of being ineffective at managing data. This must be considered a

Eight out of ten large companies are currently running a program to reduce the cost of their HR function and improve its effectiveness at the same time. But when we asked the Heads of HR of leading companies how their transformation program was going, their responses were very rarely on the positive side: “It’s cumbersome”,