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The Vicious Circle of Employee Experience

For 15 years, progressive CEOs have been relying on their marketing, sales and service teams to manage the outside customer experience (CX) – quite successfully. Now they aim to internalize the CX success in their companies as employee experience. They hand over the task to the ‘natural’ go-to-function, HR. Yet

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Together We Create – Learnings from Digital HR Peer Meeting in Amsterdam

HR leadership teams often lack two capabilities in a ‘digital world’: The right priorities for their digital HR agenda, and an engaging environment to practice, learn, and adopt HR innovation. The traditional approach to learning about innovation during conferences and network meetings often creates excitement but leaves participants unprepared to

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It’s experience data and skill data, stupid!

Yes, people analytics is on the rise, and rightfully so. HR becomes an increasingly data-driven function. The biggest obstacle: When it comes to people analytics, business leaders ‘don’t know what they don’t know’, since there is no naturally grown demand for people analytics (for various reasons, disappointment with HR data

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Reframing packetized Joe

To state the obvious: HR is facing yet another transformation. The world has changed into a place dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity– the VUCA world. And, again obviously, in the context of work environment this development causes a shift to more agile organizational formats – which results in

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CxHR Design & Measurement – Sneak Preview

At this stage, many of us have bought into the concept that we need to redesign HR’s services from the perspective of our customers. In the snapshot below, you can see that we have been working on a candidate journey template for our ‘inspiring sales manager’ Pedro. The design tool

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A Maturity Model for Employee Experience

Employee experience is the new battleground in the war for talent. How can HR design a compelling Employee Experience and manage it at scale? Our new EX maturity model offers an implementation roadmap and readiness diagnostic to help HR executives focus limited resources on the right actions and align with

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Agile at last! How to make HR transformation happen

That’s the July 2018 issue of Harvard Business Manager, where TI People founder Volker Jacobs in his article ‘Five steps towards innovative people management’ lays out a co-created model for a customer-centric HR function aiming to improve engagement, and hence, retention, attraction and performance of digital talent. Volker’s article is put in

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