The Customer Experience of HR Toolkit for enhances common methods to re-design HR services (swim-lane approaches to HR process design, agile technology development and roll-out, etc.) by employing a true customer-centered and customer-experience based approach. It is, in this sense, unique in three ways:

FUNCTIONALITY: It is the only tool that is ‘pre-filled’ (yet specifically adaptable) with HR customer segments, a persona model, a comprehensive catalogue of HR customer journeys (derived from an HR service catalogue), a set of standard touch-points per journey and persona, the functionality to assess the customer experience per touch point and a collection of best practices from which the tools identifies those that will be most helpful to close gaps between current customer experience and future (digital) expectation. It also brings tactical implementation support with task lists, cost-benefit-templates, etc.

CO-CREATION: The tool is co-created by some 50 global companies and their experience in HR customer segmentation and persona modeling, HR customer journey definition, digital HR best practices, strategic digital HR priorities, etc. This asset originates from the research and client pool of TI People’s subscription service. It is through this service that TI People has unique access to these companies and their strategic priorities. Therefore, it is capable of pinpointing the companies needs and customize the tool exactly to them.

GROWING DATA POOL: The tool’s data set grows with every digital customer journey analyzed in any client company. Accordingly does its ability to measure and analyze current customer experience, to suggest sensible improvement and to manage digital HR transformation.

Hence, the tool supports digital HR transformation as such, but also analyzes and monitors its fundamental pre-requisite – the communication of a digital-savvy HR function with business. It actively pushes the cultural change towards a more employee-centered and agile organization. Furthermore, it is the only tool on the market that manages and reduces the biggest risks of digital HR investments: end-user adoption of new technology and the way it is implemented and used. Please take a look at the 2-minutes video below:




The fundamental shift to cloud infrastructure in the past years will entail enormous investments in infrastructure technology. TI People research shows that the two biggest HR technology conferences in the world (the U.S. HR Tech and the European HR Tech World Congress) represent a collective buying power of 5 BN $ in total for these HR technology investments. In addition, TI People research estimates the risk of stranded investments each year (‘value leakage risk’) at 41% of this amount, approximately 2 BN $.

Looking at major risk areas of infrastructure (or ‘portfolio’) IT investments, the biggest risk of missing returns is lower than expected end-user adoption (see graphic below).

The Risk of Missing End-User Adoption

The Risk of Lower End-User Adoption


HR cloud technology providers are addressing this principal risk predominantly with agile design and implementation methodologies approaches that have been proven to be insufficient. To manage the critical field of end-user adoption an approach distinctively driven by HR is needed to adopt decidedly customer-centered HR services. The Customer Experience of HR Toolkit is addressing that exact need – additionally it is, needless to say, also a great tactical tool to help HR transformation managers, HR strategists, HR IT managers and Heads of People Analytics to manage their part of the digital HR transformation from a customer’s viewpoint.

If you want to learn more about Customer Experience of HR, please read our blog article: Customer Experience of HR (CxHR) – The New Paradigm of Digital Transformation.