• Q: Your HR teams need to innovate more?
  • A: Create a culture of HR innovation by upgrading your HR team's skill, tools, and KPIs!
  • Q: Your new HR IT system addresses only a portion of your real digital agenda?
  • A: Invest in Customer Experience of HR, Agile Skill Management, and Workforce Analytics!
  • Q: What is the promise of a fully digital HR and how do you get there?
  • A: Realign your Digital HR strategy around three deliverables: Agile organization, Improved people decisions, great Employee experience.

The Digital HR Program

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What is your real digital journey in HR?

In a digital world of work, new expectations are raised for HR: Senior executives demand an agile organization. Line managers request better insights from HR to improve their people decisions. And employees expect a great experience at work. To deliver on that promise, HR reinvents itself as a digital function.

On their path to Digital HR, most companies begin with digitizing HR services through a new HR Information System. The average Fortune 500 company spends $10M USD each year on a new cloud-based HRIS.

HR leaders are now faced with two realities: First, while the new system brings better integration of HR data and automation of manual tasks, other touted benefits such as employee self-service and reduced HR costs fail to materialize. And second, the promise of digital HR is still not met: Employee experience has not improved; the organization is still not agile and line managers seldom act on HR insights.

Delivering on the promise of digital HR requires more than just technology, but rapid progress on three key priorities and a step upgrade of innovation capabilities in the HR team to support this agenda.

Digital HR Framework

To generate bottom line business impact, digital priorities go beyond a new, cloud-based HR information system.

How the Digital HR Program Supports the (Real) Digital HR Journey

The Digital HR Program supports HR leadership teams with the WHAT (to focus on) and the HOW (to act) of making HR a digital function.

Set & adjust digital HR strategy

Digital Strategy Builder: ½ day onsite innovation workshop, HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic (update), HR Digital Roadmap (updates)

Manage HR by customer experience

HR Customer Accelerator: Design thinking training, access to the CxHR design tool and access to ‘Moments-that-Matter’ templates

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Maximize return on HRIS investments

Business Case Guardian: Analysis of the specific impact of ‘end-user adoption’ on one HR tech business case per year, identification specific levers to increase the adoption of new HR technology

Build an HR innovation culture

Innovation Events: 2 in-person peer meetings p.a. for 2 delegates, 2 webinars per year, HR digital HR E-learning for broader teams. TI People’s Co-creation Lab: 2 co-creation projects per year, 12-months access to co-created insights and tools

What the Clients of the Digital HR Program Say