• Problem: Many of our HR services are cumbersome.
  • Solution: Journey mapping workshops to re-Design HR services from the customers' perspective!
  • Problem: Our HR function is missing innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • Solution: Train HR teams in the successful aspects of design thinking!
  • Problem: Our first attempts of design thinking in HR have not been sustainable.
  • Solution: Use proven online tools and templates to design, measure and benchmark success!

The HR Design Thinking Solution

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How to bring agile methods to HR?

In a digital world, agility in all aspects of the organization is an imperative for large companies. The HR function itself is often perceived as a latecomer to agile design: Their services tend to be cumbersome. And if HR has already applied design thinking to overcome the aforementioned, these methods rather produce a ‘flash-in-the-pan’ than sustainable change in behaviors or tangible business results.

How the Design Thinking Solution Supports Agile Service Design in HR

The Design Thinking Solution brings HR team training in design thinking, the 'agile' re-design of one HR service and the sustainable, customer-centric management of this HR service.

Proven Design Thinking Methods For HR

Train the HR service design toolbox to your HR teams, use a well-prepared 'hackathon' approach, choose from virtual and global delivery options for the training.

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Fast Re-design of HR Services

Run a partially virtual, two-day journey mapping workshop to re-design one specific HR service, involve customers and stakeholders of the service, start with proven templates and document the results in the CxHR design tool.

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Fast Experiments in HR Service Management

Implement the service blueprint from the fast re-design for each service touchpoint, measure and benchmark the impact of the changes on the customer experience of the service, use the CxHR measurement tool.

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Co-Created Solution

Framework and tools of the Design Thinking Solution were co-created with some 40 global companies. The solution brings unique, HR specific design thinking tools and templates to life.