Employee Experience Index (EXI©)

Our EXI provides a board level KPI for effective EX management based  on a defined set of moments of truth and pain points with external benchmarking.

The Problem

For HR leadership teams and EX leaders to create an environment in which they can effectively steer employee experience improvements it is crucial to measure EX in a focused way and to drive accountability for improvement 

The Solution

board-level KPI for managing employee experience is the solution to effective EX managementThis KPI needs to be based on a proven and defined set of moments of truth and typical pain points. It must include internal and external benchmarking. It needs to be measured in an effortless way and delivered in role-specific dashboards. Ownership of the KPI should sit with journey owners, and the KPI should drive a ‘pull effect’EX managed locally by line managers and HR teamscentrally steered and facilitated by journey owners and EX teams.

The Employee Experience Index© is an annual service that includes:

  • EXI© definitions of the most critical touchpoints with highest impact on business value (32 ‘moments of truth’ and 12 ‘typical pain points’) and associated archetypes for EXI© improvement 
  • EXI© measurement (once annually or quarterlyor continuously in real time) at most critical touchpoints, with senior management interviews to contextualize EXI© 
  • HR Board level workshop to discuss the business value of EXI© improvement 
  • Peer networks for journey owners and EX leaders from other global companies focusing on co-creating solutions for the
    • Manager HR journeys network
    • Effortless employee journeys networks
    • Talent journeys network
    • Learning journeys network
    • Recruiting & onboarding journeys network