Employee Experience Platform

The EX Platform is a software-as-a-service platform for EX and HR transformation teams to manage EX and the transformation at scale. 

The Problem

For EX Leaders to manage Employee Experience in a structured way across the company, they need to build a ‘single point of truth’ for EXwith the functionality to design, share, and measure EX.


The Solution

A platform that has the functionality to design, share, and measure EX and to make it transparent and accessible across the organization. 

The service we provide:

  • Online journey design tool  
  • Interactive journey map and persona templates 
  • Functionality to share journey designs across the company 
  • Measurement and survey tool
  • Dashboards and benchmarking 
  • Analytics functionality to identify EX improvement opportunities
  • APIs to integrate with backend systems
  • E-learning, how-to-guide, and advisory services