The EX Program

Our Employee Experience Program is a subscription service for EX leaders to PLAN, INNOVATE and MANAGE EX to keep your organization’s EX momentum.

The Problem

Employee Experience is a fast growing strategic priority for CHROs and will continue to be: It’s already a declared priority for the majority of large companies, with undisputed growth between 2017 and 2021 and agreement rates of around 90%. Yet to bring this strategic priority to life, two mandatory ingredients are missing for most companies: A roadmap to implement EX as a concept within the organization and fluency of HR leadership teams to adopt, explain and promote EX in their remits: Only 14% of all large organizations have a roadmap in place, and only 17% feel that their HR leaders can explain EX and its business value. These data points show that EX leaders often face a clear ‘strategy-to-execution gap’.

Our Solution

Joining the EX Program will provide EX leaders with a proven playbook to plan EX activities across their organization. While teaming up with stakeholders and peers from other leading global companies, they will innovate around new EX approaches and constantly build-up core skills needed to be successful in their roles. Finally, they will receive tools to manage EX, e.g. our ‘Employee Experience Index pulse check’ to be able to own and steer the framework for EX and hence, give the guidance to internal stakeholders to make EX a sustainable success.

The Services we provide


  • Half-day onsite workshop with the HR leadership team on EX priorities
  • Annual executive retreat for EX sponsors
  • Bi-annual EX leaders meet-up


  • Breakout groups to create new EX tools
  • EX leader & team skill building
  • Reference practices for journey maps and touchpoint solutions


  • EX benchmarking, diagnostic and road-mapping tools
  • Advisory support (e.g. EX roadmap review)
  • 1 access to the EX design tool

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