Employee Experience Proof of Concept

Our EX Proof of Concept’ delivers an improved employee experience for a fixed set of journeys in one business area, while laying the foundation to scale it up across the entire company.

The Problem

As employees, we have all experienced frustration with HR services or systems. In many respects employees, managers and candidates are customers of HR. Our expectations of HR are now shaped by our ever-improving experiences as consumers – and this constantly raises the bar for HR service quality. Managing the Cx of HR actively yields impressive returns: Higher engagement, leading to better talent attraction, retention and performance. It also leads to higher productivity, as effortless HR services will provide managers and employees with additional time, and a more efficient HR function, as applications and artificial intelligence simplify HR tasks and drive manager and employee self-service.

The Solution

Continuously improving Employee Experience and involving multiple stakeholders, especially line managers is the better approach. Together, heads of EX and journey owners can then improve a journey from the outside inAnd a ‘proof of concept’ shows the business value of EX before applying the approach at scale across the organization.

The service we provide:

  • Journey Re-Design 
    • Discover & Explore in order to map the as-is journey and analyze its most critical pain points via an online survey for employees and managers, with senior stakeholder interviews to validate findings 
    • (Re)Design through a full onsite design thinking workshop to co-create solutions and prototypes for critical pain pointsdocumented as a to-be journey map 
    • Activate & Measure to prove the business value from designing solutions through a 3 months real-time measurement of EX KPIs (NPS and CSAT) improvement
  • Organizational Readiness 
    • How-to-guide as a change management tool describing bespoke use cases for teams to actively manage EX  
    • Define the building blocks of EX roles & responsibilities to support central and local teams in their day-to-day operations without adding extra workload 
    • Measurement approach defining information, needs and dashboard layouts for each EX role, including data requirementsways of measuring, and data and dashboard integration