How to get started with Employee Experience

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Jun 12, 2017

How to Start EE

How to get started with Employee Experience

At the moment, Employee Experience is not established in many organizations. We often find few people in an organization have understood the relevance of becoming more EX-centric and are familiar with terminology and approaches of EX. A general buy-in at executive level is missing, but to be successful, EX leaders need to have a strong mandate, ideally from CEO or CHRO.

To start with, EX leaders should build their EX roadmap and work together with senior stakeholders in doing so to activate both business and HR executives. Ideally, find a business sponsor with a pressing people issue and run a pilot applying EX approaches to solve this issue. A pilot also involves measuring EX for that specific use case to precisely identify pain points and create KPIs to demonstrate improvements.

We also strongly recommend connecting to EX leaders from other organizations. It’s great to learn from success stories, but certainly also reassuring to hear that others are facing similar issues. Many organizations think they are far behind in Employee Experience. But in fact, only a few companies have already strongly advanced, so no need to worry.


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