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Uncover gaps between people's expectations and their experiences of work

The Experience Intelligence Breakthrough

Everyday interactions with an organization are at the heart of the human experience of work. To identify the gaps between people’s expectations and actual experiences, organizations need a way to capture the right data reflecting the quality of these interactions. Widely available pulse and engagement data, while useful in measuring people’s overall commitment to an organization, do not provide the visibility needed into interaction level experiences to uncover those gaps.

Introducing EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions

TI People’s EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions provide a consistent method to collect and analyze firsthand, experience data – at the interaction level. Based on a co-created, proprietary experience framework, the solutions uncover people’s perceptions of their experiences at the most influential moments. They are built for flexibility regardless of your organization’s maturity with experience management or the survey tools you use.

With EXI Navigator and EXI Frontline Manager you access direct, contextualized, interaction level data to help prioritize and take action for experience improvement. Each provides a unique perspective on people’s experience to help you better understand what meets and doesn’t meet the expectations of your internal customers, what facilitates their performance, and what gets in their way.

Learn More About EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions

EXI Navigator

Visualize experience highs and lows for the moments that matter to all employees

Know what type of experience data to capture and where to focus

EXI Navigator’s proprietary experience framework helps you capture the most relevant experience data. Identify underperforming moments and those with highest impact on the overall experience. Pinpoint the performance of human, digital, or physical points of interaction that make or break experiences.

Visualize data to easily identify issues and take action

The dashboard reveals experience performance at the overall, stage and moment levels. Built-in analysis with external and internal benchmarking scores, weighted index scores, and driver analysis informs prioritization. Drill-down capability provides additional information including experience attributes, touchpoint performance, and sentiment analysis. 

The dashboard is available on PowerBI or as a QualtricsXM solution.

Measure performance and benchmark against global experience competitors

Organizations compete in an experience economy. 

To ensure your critical talent enjoys the best experiences in the marketplace, the EXI Navigator compares your experience performance at specific moments, touchpoints and journey stages to competitors by region, industry and/or talent segment. It also enables you to measure performance over time to track EX improvement efforts.

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EXI Frontline Manager

The direct line to better team member and customer experience

Know what matters most to frontline managers in their day-to-day work

Frontline managers have exponential power when it comes to influencing experiences. They oversee the delivery of customer experiences and shape how team members experience work every day. Yet organizations often overlook the frontline manager’s own experience as the key driver of EX and CX.

EXI Frontline Manager helps you identify and eliminate the obstacles impairing frontline managers from performing their job – the most influential factor to a person’s overall experience of work.

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Uncover what stands in the way of performance

TI People’s EXI Frontline Manager uncovers what gets in the way of your frontline managers and what keeps them from delivering great experiences to team members and customers. It captures contextualized, interaction level data showing experience gaps across 4 key work scenarios: Planning, Delivering Results, Building Team and Enacting Change.

With EXI Frontline Manager:

  • Visualize the most significant obstacles in frontline managers’ day to day experiences
  • Guide senior business leaders to remove specific obstacles from frontline managers’ workflow
  • Engage business leaders in business conversation around improving customer loyalty, growth and productivity
  • Benchmark experience performance and measure improvement over time

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More On Experience Intelligence

How can organizations compete on the basis of experience – and take full advantage of this business opportunity?

According to Forrester, businesses with experience-based differentiation outperform others by nearly 80%.

Manager interactions have by far the greatest impact on the overall human experience of work. Ensuring your managers have a high-quality experience of work in turn results in managers delivering a good experience to their team.

The “manager multiplier effect” amplifies managers’ experiences – bad or good – by the same factor to impact the experience of their team.

Your EX strategy comes from knowing the order and importance of experiences you want to impact. Most organizations, however, underestimate the expertise required to truly understand and act on people’s work experiences for positive outcomes.

Just 15% of organisations have a deep understanding of key customer segments, unique needs, desires, behaviors, motivations.

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