Discover the missing voice of employees: Listen to their experience.

EXI – Experience Intelligence Solutions

Software-as-a-Service solutions that capture and analyze first-hand experience data from your employees. 

  • One common experience data framework to describe the human experience of work
  • Experience-centric survey logic and questions capture high-quality experience data and minimize survey fatigue
  • State-of-the-art analytics to understand experience problems
  • Actionable visualization of experience highs, lows and gaps to prioritize and track improvements
  • Automated and easily deployed via common survey platforms (Qualtrics, Glint, Medallia, etc.)

EXI Navigator Solution

Understand the quality of experiences that the company provides to its employees (i.e. its internal customers)

  • Uncover which activities matter most to employees and where they encounter most friction at work
  • Analyze the quality of interactions with corporate services from the perspective of the employee and in context
  • Pinpoint the performance of human, digital, or physical points of interaction that make or break experiences
  • Compare experiences across different populations to better understand experience gaps
  • Identify ‘no regrets’ experience improvements for rapid impact

EXI Frontline Manager Solution

Understand and improve the experience of frontline managers to impact their performance when managing their teams and delivering to external customers.

  • Analyze their day-to-day experiences when they plan, work with customers, build their teams and when they steer through organizational change
  • Uncover obstacles and remove friction from frontline managers’ workflow
  • Provide quantified experience input to support functions (HR, IT, …) to better enable frontline managers’ performance

Our Unique Proposition

The only true experience data:

  • Questions that are validated by hundreds of thousands of respondents
  • A survey logic that provides context to capture clear and actionable data


The most actionable insights:

  • Artificial intelligence and natural language processes for unbiased views
  • Weighted indices to understand connections between experiences
  • Benchmarking to understand strengths as you compete in the experience economy


The deepest understanding of the human experience of work:

  • A holistic framework helps internal teams share a common experience language
  • Slice and dice experience data to enable analysis and action


The fastest and easiest deployment:

  • A portal providing all the service and tools needed
  • Leveraging any existing survey engine to fit in your existing technology stack
  • Fully anonymized data for instant GDPR compliance

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