Charter Meeting

for the Financial Services Industry

October 17, 2019


October 17, 2019
ING | Amsterdam


  • … delivers a robust industry benchmark for EX
  • ... explains the ROI of EX investments
  • … identifies local action to improve the EX

Meet with CHROs or their direct reports of progressive financial institutions:


… on the Employee Experience Index (EXI) value proposition.


… the EXI value proposition: What to better understand through EXI from CHRO perspective?


…the EXI pilot and the decision to participate.

Together we will find answers to these CHRO level questions:


How can I drive
productivity beyond

  • Companies with top engagement scores still feel room for productivity improvement
  • Direct Productivity - The EXI shows which effortless experiences free up time of employees and managers
  • Indirect Productivity - The EXI shows how a better experience at ‘moments of truth’ drives discretionary effort

Leadership Behavior

How can I influence
manager behavior to change
mindset and culture?

  • Managers are responsible for their team members’ experience at ‘moments of truth’
  • Managers’ mindset, let alone corporate culture, are hard to change, while manager behavior can be changed
  • The EXI makes ‘moments of truth’ visible to drive behavioral change, and over time mindset and culture change


How can I create a sense
of belonging to attract and
retain critical talent?

  • It’s the ‘in-the-moment’ experiences that create a sense of belonging – not top-down concepts and communication
  • The touchpoints at which a sense of belonging is created are interactions with manager, leaders, and co-workers
  • The EXI makes ‘moments of truth’ transparent – which are the most defining of these touchpoints


How can I minimize negative EX
impact of budget cuts and steer my
budget towards optimized EX?

  • Of the many touchpoints with a company, few are having a disproportionate impact on EX
  • Prioritizing these critical touchpoints optimizes the EX under budget constraints
  • The EXI identifies the most critical touchpoints for budget prioritization

The EXI Advisors

Herminia Ibarra

Herminia Ibarra

is the leading academic voice on leadership behavior.
She contributes her research on how to change behavior of managers towards a better manager experience of  employees and how that over time will change mindset and  culture.

Mark Levy

invented employee experience as Chief People Officer of Airbnb.
He contributes his belief of creating a culture of ‘belonging’ through EX, intentionally bringing a greenfield, ‘silicon valley’ style view to the table to help understand experience in a more ‘fintech’ world.

This is what we've planned

1.00 pm

Arrival, reception of participants, simple lunch

2.00 pm

Keynote of the host: Creating better leaders and driving EX at ING

Hein Knaapen, CHRO ING​
Sander de Bruijn, Head of EX ING

2.45 pm

Kicking off the EXI: The model and the promise

Volker Jacobs, CEO TI People

3.30 pm

Coffee Break

3.45 pm

The EXI Promise: CHROs expectations
Panel discussion moderated by
Kerry Ghize, Managing Director TI People

Hein Knaapen, CHRO ING
Greig Aitken, Head of Colleague Strategy & Insight RBS
Mark Levy, ex-CHRO Airbnb
Volker Jacobs, CEO TI People

5.00 pm

Getting started: Setting up the EXI pilot

Timo Tischer, Consulting Director TI People

5.45 pm

Informal Reflections & Drinks

7.00 pm

Dinner at Incanto

Amstel 2, 1017AA Amsterdam
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