Experience Intelligence

Capture quantitative experience data to better understand the gaps between people's expectations and experiences

Listen First, Then Measure

First, learn to listen to people's experiences at work.
Over time, measure how much impact you make.

You will better understand what meets and doesn’t meet the expectations of your people, what facilitates their performance, and what gets in their way. Focus HR, IT, Line Managers and other internal teams on delivering better experiences to their internal customer.

Over time, build a holistic measurement framework to manage the performance of your employee experience strategy and keep it aligned to tangible human and business outcomes.

Flexible Listening and Measurement Solution That Evolves With Your Experience Strategy

Regardless of your organization’s maturity with experience management or the survey tools you use, we help you set up the right experience listening environment and craft a performance approach that measures the impact of your experience strategy as it evolves.

1. Know what type of experience data to capture, how and when to capture it

Our proprietary experience listening framework is based on universally applicable interactions and touchpoints encountered during the end-to-end experience of work.

Starting with human-centered questions, it helps you collect first hand, direct data reflecting the quality of people’s interactions across the key moments and common touchpoints that create their end-to-end experience of work.

And yes, these experiences stretch well beyond those of HR services, into the experience of doing work.

2. Visualize data to easily identify issues and take action

Our solution identifies the moments and interactions with the greatest influence on people’s perceptions of their experiences, as well as the highs, lows and gaps in these experiences. The Dashboard reveals experience performance at the overall, stage and moment levels. 

Further drill-down capability for each moment provides additional information including experience attributes, touchpoint performance, and sentiment analysis with verbatim comments. 

The Dashboard is available on PowerBI or as a QualtricsXM solution.

3. Benchmark your performance with global experience competitors

We are competing in an experience economy. 

To ensure your critical talent enjoys the best experiences in the marketplace, and to drive your experience strategy forward, it is important to compare your experience performance at specific moments, touchpoints and journey stages to competitors by region, industry and/or talent segment.

4. Better manage your experience strategy through a robust measurement framework

Know what metrics and KPIs to use, how they are defined, how they are computed and their relationship to one another. Link EX data with CX and business performance data. 

Over time, analyze trends, draw conclusions and track the relative impact of your experience strategy on critical human and business outcomes.

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