Experience Strategy and Design

Expertise for making impact on the human experiences of work

Prioritization For Impact Is Your EX Strategy

Your EX strategy comes from knowing the order and importance of experiences you want to impact. Most organizations, however, underestimate the expertise required to truly understand and act on people’s work experiences for positive outcomes.

TI People’s experience strategy and design projects provide essential capabilities to build an EX strategy – defined by priorities and outcomes. We help you fully understand experience problems, prioritize efforts based on impact potential and realize that potential through co-creative experience design.

We Help You Discover and Meet The Needs of Your Internal Customers

90% of the organizations are actively engaged in efforts to understand and improve people’s human experience of work, but only 15% have a deep understanding of key customer segments, unique needs, desires, behaviors, and motivations.

Just 15% of organizations have a deep understanding of their internal customers

How We Partner With You

Our experience strategy and design projects allow you to more confidently identify priorities based on the firsthand perspectives of what matters most to your internal customers. We help you take action and solve the right problems in the right way, collaboratively with and for your internal customers. You learn and embed principles for people-centricity and set a roadmap for experience innovation.

Experience Research Projects

Find the Right Problem to Solve

Through exploratory and validating research, we discover the needs of your internal customers and understand the experiential challenges they face in their everyday work.

Our iterative cycles of research visualization, analysis, and storytelling yield insights to help you direct resources towards solving the right problems.

Experience Design Projects

Solve the Right Problems in the Right Way

We facilitate collaborative design activities using human centered design approaches. Through discovery, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and implementation iterations we deliver solutions that solve experience challenges.

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More On Experience Strategy and Design

Advancing the Human Experience of Work

Based on input from over 100 organizations, this report examines the current evolutionary state of organizations in their pursuit of advancing the human experience of work as a business necessity. It concludes with action steps and possible solutions.

While 90% of organizations are engaged in efforts to improve the human experience of work, their priorities are reflective of an emergent stage of experience management.

EXI© Experience Intelligence Solutions

Everyday interactions with an organization are at the heart of the human experience of work. EXI© Experience Intelligence Solutions offer a powerful approach to identify the gaps between people’s expectations and actual experiences, enabling leaders to bring about impactful change.

Create business value by identifying and closing the gaps between people's expectations and experiences of work.

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