TI PEOPLE partners with EX leaders to provide better experiences for people at work. Today, we are happy to announce that we are carving out our EX Intelligence and Operations solutions as a new company:

FOUNT – Experiences Count.

Companies are facing a revolution in the way people approach work. With COVID, Hybrid-work, the great Resignation, and critical investment in DE&I, CEOs, and CHROs are demanding improvements in EX more than ever before. Unless they understand what employees are running from, or what they might gravitate to, company leaders put their very businesses at risk. Yet many companies face considerable challenges as they try to manage this risk: First, they struggle to collect and analyse high quality experience data to know where to focus their efforts. Second, they can’t operationalize the delivery of experience across the many different people and teams that need to be involved.

FOUNT is a software-as-a-service company that supports leaders across both challenges. FOUNT provides the intelligence to prioritize the most important areas for experience improvement and the infrastructure to operationalize experience enhancements throughout the organization. FOUNT’s EX Intelligence and EX Operations solutions are the required solutions to make companies more experience-centric.

Based in Washington D.C., London and Hamburg, FOUNT is led by co-CEOs Volker Jacobs and Christophe Martel and has recently acquired VC funding from Osage Venture Partners and Grotech Ventures. With the additional capital, FOUNT will invest in product technology to help more companies bring a great employee experience to the heart of their organizations, and thus make more people feel great at work.

Visit www.fount-ex.com and follow on LinkedIn to learn more about FOUNT’s range of employee experience management solutions.

Jointly, TI PEOPLE and FOUNT provide EX thought leadership, consulting and solutions required to understand and manage the complexity of EX, and ultimately make companies more experience-centric.