How is Employee Experience different from Employee Engagement?

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Jun 12, 2017

How is EX different from EE

How is Employee Experience different from Employee Engagement?

Employee Experience is the quality of interactions employees have with their organizations. Employee Engagement results from that Employee Experience. Companies that provide good experience to their employees will see that their employees’ intent to stay with the company and their willingness to go the extra mile for their job – or in other words: their engagement – rises.

Organizations can actively work on making experiences of their employees effortless and delightful. If they measure Employee Experience in a structured way, identifying the quality of interactions at touchpoints, within the context of moments, organizations can identify interactions that are important but currently provide a poor experience. Improving these interactions based on the requirements of employees leads to higher engagement.

To give an example, a question related to understanding Employee Experience may read ‘How was the experience with your manager when you returned from paternity leave?’ – looking to understand the experience at the touchpoint ‘manager’ in the context of the moment ‘return from paternity leave’.

In comparison, engagement survey items are typically broader, such as ‘I’m confident in our leadership team’.

While it is certainly valuable for organizations to understand how employees perceive the leadership, the outcome of these questions are less actionable than knowing exactly in which moments experiences are poor and which touchpoints cause dissatisfaction.

In line with that thought, we have recently run a statistical analysis comparing the impact on engagement of (a) typical engagement drivers and (b) EX moments. Although we were using an established engagement model, the EX moments were much stronger predictors of engagement than the engagement drivers themselves.

Overall, Employee Experience and Engagement are complementary and should go hand in hand when setting up employee listening.


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