Increase your HR innovation capability to create a sustainable business impact

Success with digital HR is not only a ‘WHAT’- question as laid out under ‘Digital HR Strategy’. You will also need to change ‘HOW’ your HR function is working. Traditional elements of HR behavior, skills, tools, KPIs and community will remain in place, but will be combined with and enhanced by innovative ways of working. These require cross-functional innovators, design thinking and analytics skills, technology as innovation anchors, and others.

The HOW: HR Innovation Culture

When executing the Digital HR priorities, companies often face a disconnect between their own HR capabilities and the requirements to execute against the HR strategic plan. Bridging this gap and developing these capabilities is the ‘How’: Creating a new HR culture defined by a new set of behaviors, skills, technology tools, KPIs, and journey networks:

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Develop your HR team’s innovation culture with our Digital Program

We organize biannual peer meetings for two members of your HR teams, add e-learning and webinar formats for a broader HR team, collaborate to ideate and prototype new solutions for common innovation challenges. We provide the tools your teams need to experiment with new ideas – the Digital Program is a set of resources to make your HR function more innovative.

Download the brochure to learn more about creating an HR innovation culture and our Digital Program:

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How our program supports our clients

Peer Meetings & Online Community

Participate twice a year in interactive and engaging two-day meetings to discuss digital HR priorities based on research and reference practices from peer companies. Keep connected in an online community app for all clients of the digital HR program.

Co-Creation Initiatives

Be part of agile co-designed initiatives, collaborate with peers from other companies and develop solutions for common innovation pain points (e.g. how-to-guide for a skill-based organization of work; Journey map templates).

E-learning and Webinars

Secure ten seats for your HR team members in state-of-the-art HR innovation e-learnings and get unlimited access to two webinars per year related to current innovation themes.

E-learning Course - HR Service Design Thinking

Understand why Design Thinking is a great tool for HR professionals and learn how to apply it to your organization.

We bring the critical ‘digital’ capabilities to HR: Customer Centricity, Fast Experiments, Innovation Mindset

Digital HR Program

  • 1 onsite workshop for HR leadership teams
  • 2 x 2 x 2 seats in peer meetings
  • 1 digital HR maturity diagnostic
  • 2 x 2 seats in co-creation initiatives
  • Access to co-created tools for 12 months
  • 10 seats in digital & agile HR e-learning modules
  • 10 users of mobile platform

Journey Networks

Services per Journey Network
  • Journey map templates
  • 2 seats in peer meeting
  • 3 x 2 seats in sprint reviews
  • 10 users of mobile platform