HR Transformation through Employee Experience

Typical HR Transformation approaches have focused on the business partner model, although true business partnering rarely takes place.

As the next HR Transformation wave adopts an ‘end-user’ approach, HR needs to adapt from the current approach focusing on economies of scale towards one that prioritizes the Employee Experience it creates.

The Problem

Almost all global organizations have transformed their HR function to follow the business partner modelThe model is unstable, as it focuses on economies of scale at its core, while true business partnering still doesn’t happen. In a ‘digital’ context, the model feels too ‘inside-out’, too complex and heavy to deliver value.

The Solution

The next wave of HR transformation will be much more ‘end-user’ centric. It will bring HR where it belongs – to managers and employees. In that context, HR will define its value less through economies of scale and much more through the employee (and manager, candidate, alumni) experience it creates. The solution is a HR transformation with a strong ‘pull effect’ from which local teams – managers, and HR teams – will identify and solve EX problems based on the transparency that central EX teams and journey owners provide. 

The services we provide:

With the EXI© we help HR transformation teams define the business impact of an ‘outside-in’ HR transformation, set the bar for transformation success and manage it. With Journey Re-Design we prove the concept of continuous EX management at scale and its impact on business value. We complement the two aforementioned services with our ‘EX Platform’an online platform for EX and HR transformation teams to manage EX and the transformation at scale.