HR transformation can be costly and, if started without awareness of its immanent dangers, it can be risky, too. It won’t do to build or refine the traditional 3-pillar-model, it won’t be sufficient to simply move HR tasks into service centers. And it won’t be enough to just build sophisticated IT systems. Transformation models will only prove successful it they yields objective business value beyond just saving cost.

TI People help you to decrease cost and organizational risks of HR transformation initiatives. The right approach to make a transformation successful always depends on the ‘wave’ of HR transformation a company finds itself on:

Three Waves of HR Transformation


  • Economies of Scale Focused HR Transformation: This wave of HR transformation fundamentally lacks business support to be successful. TI People can help to find business re-alignment.
  • Technology Focused HR Transformation: This wave is risky, but looks after the right outcomes – business value. TI People helps to set the program up and to reduce the risks associated.
  • Employee Focused HR Transformation: The next wave will build in the major implications the future of work will bring to transformation. TI People will help to ‘separate noise from signal’.

Each module is built from TI People‚Äôs leading global research, from a broad network of the most advanced practitioners and their best practices. And all these assets are part of TI People’s proprietary Enabling approach.