What’s The Matter?

No doubt – the term ‘digital’ sums up the most eminent strategic challenges for almost any industry. In most companies though, HR is left out when digital strategies are discussed at executive level. HR is often perceived as a digital latecomer, with a reputation of being ineffective at managing data. This must be considered a failure, as digital strategies offer a lot to people management. Companies ahead of the digital HR curve will achieve better talent outcomes and will improve work productivity. For HR the only proactive way forward is to identify, build and update its digital people agenda.

Digital Building Blocks for HR

Building Blocks of a Digital Agenda for HR

What’s The Solution?

TI People’s Innovation & Digitalization Program will provide all the support you need to define, build and execute your strategic digital people agenda. Watch the video below to understand how the program is working:


A sample annual cycle for the member of the program can look like this:

Annual Program Cycle (example)

Annual Program Cycle (example)


If you want to learn more about the I&D Program’s detailed features, please download the program’s 2-pager.