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Does Employee Experience Drive Business Impact?

Commitment to employee experience is growing. In our recent Human Experience of Work study, 90% of EX Leaders indicate increased organizational intent around understanding and improving people’s experiences of work. CEO and board attention; defined EX roles and responsibilities; and budget allocation have been on the rise.    With commitment comes expectation, and EX Leaders find themselves in a crucial performance window. Employees expect

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A defining moment for EX

Companies know they need to be better in tune with what people at work want and need – whether triggered from the demands of COVID-19, hybrid working plans or from the ongoing reality of competing on talent in the experience-based economy. We can venture to say that empathy is on

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You Cannot Solve What You Do Not Understand

An instrumental part of solving the challenge of improving people’s experience of work is getting to know the people and the context and understanding the bases of their perceptions, motivations, and needs. Doing so typically requires a blended approach. Ask diverse segments of your population to assess their experiences and then

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The EXploration so far

Over 200 EX leaders and practitioners have joined one of our EXploration workshops in the last eight weeks. This is what they have discovered so far… EXploration Classes 1 & 2 In Class #1, tight breakout groups and a practical workshop led by John Boudreau and Christoph Knorn helped

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Unlock ‘Manager Multiplier Effect’

Frontline managers play an instrumental role in organizations. They are the difference makers for customers and employees. Consequently, they have the most direct impact on business performance – especially during present times of economic uncertainty. Research shows that traditional programs like leadership development, culture and engagement surveys used to stimulate

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