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Podcast: How to scale employee experience

TI People co-founder and chief executive Volker Jacobs is one of the world’s leading authorities on employee experience. As arguably the hottest topic in HR in 2020, Volker was approached by myHRfuture’s Digital Leaders podcast to discuss employee engagement and – crucially – how to scale EX at speed. The

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Empower skill building and career development for every employee

Operating and competing in a period of dramatic social, economic and technological change means companies are facing great upheaval to the way work is done and the skills required to undertake that work. Employees’ success depends on the ability to acquire new skills, fast; and companies’ success depends on the

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Managing candidate and new-hire experience for business impact

Dramatic macro-economic environmental shifts over the last 10-15 years have fundamentally changed how individuals relate to organizations. For talent acquisition, business leaders face a perfect storm:  The very sophisticated personalized, digital, consumer experiences that candidates regularly have in their private lives (think of Netflix, Amazon, Uber) have greatly raised the

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Employee Experience: What to expect in 2020

55% of Global 2000 CHROs put Employee Experience (EX) in their list of priorities for 2019. Focussing on enabling productivity, wellbeing and profitability has meant the employee experience discipline has matured rapidly in the last twelve months. But what do employees expect from their companies in 2020? And what EX trends

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What is the state of EX?

Introducing TI People’s State of Employee Experience research report Redefining HR as a people success function, Employee Experience (EX) is to Human Resources what Customer Experience is to Marketing and Sales: the face of the future. Over the last two years, TI People has worked alongside Global 2000 companies to

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Six takeaways from the Davos of HR

This week, the TI People team and I travelled to Nice, France, to join 800 HR professionals at the fourth annual HR Congress. Partners of the congress since its inception, TI People were delighted to showcase some of the world’s brightest ideas and most valuable case studies as sponsors of the Employee Experience track.

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The Data Universe of EX

by Mark Levy and Volker Jacobs We know a lot about EX – are we done? Customer Experience has become the new face of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Employee Experience (EX) promises to redefine HR into a people success function. Reason enough to explore the power of employee experience in depth.

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3 steps how EX can change culture

Employee experience (EX) management provides a better experience at ‘moments of truth’ and it has a direct link to business value. This insight made a client of ours think. He asked me in an email if the leadership and culture of a company was such a moment of truth and gave some context. At times, he said, you are reflecting on your work: Am I doing the right work? Is this company, is this job the

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