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Journey Networks

Our Journey Networks are subscription services a journey owner needs to make EX a tangible, measurable goal for business value.

The Problem

For journey owners like Heads of Recruitment / Learning / Operations to create business value it is important to make employee experience a continuous improvement effort rather than a one-time project. 

The Solution

With benchmarking data, access to updated journey map templates, and a co-creation network of peers from other global companies journeys become more consumable, measurable and therefore treatable.  That way, visibility (benchmarking) and appetite (co-creation) to continuously improve EX is provided to all stakeholders of the journey, especially line managers from the business. 

The services we provide:

  • Annual benchmarking of EX at a journey’s critical touchpoints with a reference to journey map templatesdefinitions of critical touchpoints of the journey and reference practices for journey improvements.
  • Peer networks for journey owners and EX leaders from other global companies: 
    • Manager HR journeys network,
    • Effortless employee journeys network
    • Talent journeys network 
    • Learning journeys network 
    • Recruiting & onboarding journeys network 
  • Co-creation of solutions for the most critical touchpoints
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