TI People, Inc. (which serves North and South America) kicked off our EX Community with our first virtual peer meeting. We were joined by leaders from Abbott, Alexion, BNY Mellon, Dow, GE, Humana, Mastercard, and Truist.

TI People, Inc.’s EX Community brings together leaders who have a responsibility for employee experience.  As a community, we value developing meaningful relationships, leveraging insightful perspectives, and sharing ideas with one another for the benefit of helping our organizations create better experiences for people at work.

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We started our meeting with storytelling.  Each of the leaders told their story about their organization’s aspirations and employee experience journey thus far – and how the current health pandemic is impacting their efforts.  

Lisa Morris, an Employee Experience Design thought leader, shared an illuminating perspective on Why Frontline Manager Experience Matters.  In short, frontline managers are not only recipients of experiences by organizations, but also providers of experience to their team members. By understanding the needs of frontline managers and co-creating solutions with them to improve their experiences, we can activate a multiplier effect in the business. A better frontline manager experience drives a better employee experience and vice versa.  In turn, both result in better customer experiences and ultimately better business performance overall. 

We ended our community session with brainstorming to address how we might help frontline managers develop a more experience-led mindset – and we all walked away with some great ideas to ponder.

Here are some other takeaways:

  • While organizations believe employee experience is important, many are at different stages of evolution.
  • In the current environment, listening strategies are being prioritized and companies are determining which tools and methods produce the most actionable insight.
  • The frontline manager experience is critical and serves as a linchpin to employee and customer experience, however, it tends to be overlooked.

We want to thank our members for their creativity and open discussion. 

TI People, Inc.’s EX Community will meet again in August.  Email jill.forbes@ti-people.com to learn more about becoming a member of the EX Community.

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