About TI People

TI People stands for ‘transform to innovate people management’. We are a global insights company, with the mission of helping large organizations generate business value through employee experience (EX) innovationOur mission is to provide EX insights and solutions to change:

  • The design of EX journeys and touchpoints,  
  • The behavior of people owning these touchpoints,  
  • The way systems support them. 

In co-creation with our most progressive clients we build benchmarks, insights, services, and solutions to enable sustainable management of EX at scale.

Leadership Team

TI People was founded by a team of managing directors with a strong management consulting background in HR and a visible footprint in Europe and U.S. Get to know our leaders below..

Volker jacobs

CEO & Co-Founder TI People

Why has EX become such an important topic?

Employee experience is the opportunity for HR to (finally) transform from a ‘cost driven’ to a ‘value adding’ function. With EX, HR can measure and prove its value to the business, and can act upon it.

Can you think of a defining ‘Moment of Truth’ in your career?

During the early days of my first start-up, an online benchmarking company, we had all agreements in place for our biggest customer to become the anchor investors in our business. Last minute, our customer’s supervisory board rejected the investment. The entire financing strategy that our young and vulnerable start-up was depending on, fell apart. The defining moment of truth were the next 24 hours: As a leadership team we had to wrestle with our frustration and in a day (and a night) we not only defined a new financing strategy (cash-flow based!) but forged the leadership team that ultimately made our start-up a success.

What is your favourite journey and why?

The learning journey ‘I grow my skills’: In the new world of work, skill requirements are changing faster than ever. L&D teams simply cannot re- and upskill people at the speed needed – unless learners are motivated to self-learn in the flow of work. Isn’t that a fantastic new journey? Offering new and exciting work opportunities – and keeping ‘at risk’ parts of the workforce employable.

andré fortange

CCO & Co-Founder TI People

Why has EX become such an important topic?

Employees expect from their employer to be treated as they value their most valued customers ie provided with a personalized, excellent and effortless work experience. EX is applying an employee focused ‘outside-in’ lens to all HR practices. As a result, we see direct business value created from higher engagement and increasing work productivity. 

Can you think of a defining ‘Moment of Truth’ in your career?

It was on my first consulting project assignment where we cooperated with freelancers to define the SAP end-user training for the pilot of a global multi-year roll-out. For one module we could only find one freelancer knowledgeable enough to define the end-user training. And we were working against very tight timelines. Yet that person showed up at work drunken twice in one week and there was no way that we could risk having that person conduct the trainings in front of our clients for the next years. Right out of university I was eager to get the job done and suggested to the project manager that we motivate the alcohol addicted subcontractor to finalize the training definition while searching in parallel for a replacement who could conduct the trainings in the coming years. My project manager didn’t like the plan at all and suggested: Either we take him out right away (risking a delay in the pilot) or we give him a last chance to complete and run the trainings. My manger was right: It’s not about simply getting a job done. It’s about the way we take to get to committed results.

What is your favourite journey and why?

The recruiting journey ‘I join the company’: People are still the single most important factor to business success. Attracting and engaging the right talent in a world where ‘the war for talent is over – talent won’ is more critical than ever. Providing an excellent experience at moments that matter will enable candidates to take an informed decision, fasten time to hire & performance plus enable companies to engage great talents.

Christophe martel

CEO & Co-Founder TI People Inc.

What does ‘co-creation’ mean to you and how does TI People’s co-creation approach differ?

Co-creation means two things for us: Cocreation is at the heart of successful EX design for TI People’s customers: The HR Leadership Team owns EX across all employee journeys. However, many of the touchpoints in these journeys are owned by cross-functional partners, including IT, Line Managers, facilities, etc. To successfully design and deliver great EX, HR must cocreate the design with employees and with cross-functional partners.

We are also using a co-creation approach with customer cohorts to break through some of the more challenging aspects of managing EX at scale – Neither TI people nor our Individual customers have a ‘silver bullet’ on some of these issues. Our structured, sprint-based, group co-creation process delivers real solutions, to the benefit of the broader community.

Share one experience of failure in your career and what you have learnt from it.

There are too many to count, but here is a particular example of Employee Experience driving business value while I was in business leadership role in Europe with a previous company. Our (very fast) growth depended on a group of a few dozens of highly talented but junior individuals delivering consistent performance. I remember a period of 3 weeks during a European summer when this group progressively stalled and came to almost a complete stop, or to at least stop producing results. As a management team, it took a few days to realize what was happening and a few weeks to unpack and begin addressing the root causes. Surprise, surprise – they were all Employee Experience issues rooted in specific interactions that were poorly handled by managers or by the company more broadly. All things that were not proactively addressed and finally impacted the P&L in lost revenue growth, cost to find and rehire great talent, not counting the huge amount of management time spent in remediation and firefighting. Big leadership mistake, and lesson learned!

What is next in EX?

What’s next is the growing realization in Boardrooms that EX is the most powerful business value lever available to global leadership teams. As the realization sets in, HR Leadership teams will increasingly use EX metrics to measure their effectiveness and align cross functional partners behind the Employee Experience. This new EX currency will drive widespread adoption of iterative design methods in HR, not just in the central EX design team, but extending across all HR staff and more broadly to other functions. The result: Better EX, increased engagement of HR teams who can finally measure the impact of their work.

Kerry Ghize

Managing Director TI People

Why is it so important to know how your leaders feel?

When you know how your employees feel and, more precisely, what’s contributing to those emotions, then you are empowered with the knowledge to do something about it – before it becomes a lasting engagement problem that negatively impacts business performance.

Share one experience of failure in your career and what you have learnt from it.

I was a new manager when my team, which was budgeted for growth, remained severely understaffed for too long – due to a whole host of reasons.  I tried to go it alone too long, thinking it was my job to cover as much, re-organise as much, and coach as much as I possibly could and that asking for help was a sign of poor management.   I learned quickly that poor management was actually not asking for help and thinking all had to be covered locally and leadership was knowing when to act – early, decisively, collaboratively, and creatively.   

What was most appealing about joining TI People?

Having a role focussed on empowering organisations to improve employee experience  – and therefore positively impacting individuals at the place where most spend the majority of their valued time – is motivating and truly mission-led for me.  To do that, surrounded by collaborative, engaged, curious colleagues in a vibrant setting makes it even more appealing. TI People affords all of that.