TI People started in Europe and quickly expanded into the U.S. We believe that a presence in both market regions will be beneficial to global companies headquartered in either region. To aid the most progressive executives in the world with premier insights and change support we have built a partner network of well-respected experts in their domains.

Talent Strategy Institute – TI People works with Al Adamsen and The Talent Strategy Institute (TSI) on the U.S. Innovation & Digitalization Program and leverages TSI’s broad network of workforce analytics practitioners and thought leaders in the U.S. for the proprietary research of TI People.

The Learning Forum – The Learning Forum (TLF) Executive Council Network is a member-driven research and networking organization for F500 firms. TI People with it’s U.S. Innovation & Digitalization Program is collaborating with TLF to complement the TLF councils with the services needed to build and implement a digital agenda for HR.

SHAPEiN – TI People’s strategic advice and roadmaps for the transformation, innovation and digitalization of HR falls short without in-depth technology know-how to implement the resulting changes. Martin Braun’s SHAPEiN brings this strategic and conceptual HR technology support to international companies.

CollabWorks – CollabWorks has pioneered the way to re-organize work by the cost and the value of skills. TI People works with Michael Grove and his CollabWorks for Fortune 500 companies.