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Advance your people analytics maturity to drive better people decisions

People Analytics is constantly climbing up the ladder of priorities of Heads of HR, as most CEOs are requiring strategic decision support from people data. Start leveraging the power of data by learning from some of the world’s foremost thinkers in analytics and collaborate with peers and experts in the field.

People analytics is a cornerstone of an HR agenda in a digital world

There is no doubt that analytics is a cornerstone of an HR agenda in a digital world and the key capability of the HR function in the future, earning the HR function nothing less than its right to exist. The business case for advanced workforce analytics is clear: If set up correctly, mature analytics companies achieve better talent outcomes and produce higher business impact. Instead of waiting for the entire data and technology infrastructure to be installed, these companies don’t wait for its full integration and enable better people decisions through analytics right away.

A People Analytics Model that helps you improve your impact and success

In collaboration with our partner Insight222, we offer all you need to start improving your analytics maturity now. On the left, The Nine Dimensions for Excellence in People Analytics Model was built by tapping into qualitative research by over 60 organizations, and helps you understand what is working well, which gaps exist and what can be done to create more impact for your organization by using People Analytics.

Download the brochure to learn more about the model and our People Analytics Program:

How we support our clients


The Global Executive Retreat brings together the world’s prolific thinkers in analytics allowing you to learn in a ‘think tank’ style environment. In addition, we offer webinars that will condense the most important topics of the moment to bite-sized chunks.


We offer peer meetings and co-creations that will grant you a safe, confidential and reflective environment to learn and co-develop diagnostic tools for some of the most complex challenges in People Analytics.

Advisory & Consulting

You will get access to our leaders – either as a sounding board or in a more formal setting – to help with projects or advice specific to your organization’s challenges and needs. On an annual basis we will evaluate your organizational capability and level of expertise to help you built a road to increased value.

People Analytics Program

  • Global Executive Retreat
  • Peer meetings
  • Co-creations
  • Webinars
  • E-learning
  • Advisory Services
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