Better Human Experiences of Work Drive Great Business Outcomes

Whether You Know It Or Not, You Are Competing On Experience

Companies That Close The Gap Between Expectations And Experiences Will Win…

We live in an experience economy. People expect superior experiences from the companies they do business with – and they expect the same of organizations they work for or with. All businesses compete based on experience, even if they don’t realize it. Better human experiences of work inspire people to innovate and collaborate towards better business outcomes.

Top performers in employee experience gain a 200% advantage in customer satisfaction and innovation – and a 26% increase in profitability.

– MIT, CISR Research

Only 38% of people report being highly satisfied with their everyday work experiences.

– TI People EXI ©

...Yet The Expectation-Experience Gap Is Growing

The gap between expected and actual experiences is alarming. Despite good intentions and increased awareness on the need to elevate experiences of work, companies struggle to make meaningful impact.

You Can't Meet New Experience Expectations With Traditional Tools

To address experience, most companies rely on familiar, well-worn approaches like engagement measurement or process automation. Experience efforts become project-based, often misguided by inadequate experience measures, siloed activity, and organization-first rather than people-first decision-making. This might eventually improve some processes, but fails to provide the understanding, prioritization, and experience centricity needed to close experience gaps and boost business performance.

The Risk Of Being Left Behind

Without a shift in approach, organizations won’t have a meaningful impact on people’s experience. Investments that fail to impact experience and business performance test the patience of CEOs, investors and employees, who want to see evidence of progress quickly. Without improvement, employee experience (EX) attention and investments risk getting sidelined. Worst still, valued talent seeks better experiences elsewhere.

Competing On Experience Requires New Intelligence And New Muscle

Organizations cannot compete on experience without deep knowledge of the experiences they currently provide. They must access experience data to help focus the organization on their internal customers. They must adopt research and exploratory capabilites to understand people’s first hand experiences of working with the organization. Then they must apply that insight to prioritize efforts based on size of potential impact – and realize that potential through co-creative experience design. Over time, they should build a robust measurement framework to manage the performance of an experience strategy.

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