HR Innovation & Digitalization Program

HR I&D Program is the leading resource for digital HR transformation. The program is designed to enable HR leadership teams in large organizations to go digital with the HR function. The HR I&D Program specifically assists them to focus on their five crucial jobs to: align the HR agenda to digital, create business buy-in for HR digital, gather crucial knowledge of digital concepts inside the HR function, coordinate implementation of digital initiatives and optimize customer experience of HR services. To support these jobs, the HR I&D Program provides in-depth research, best practices, peer meetings, tools, advisory support and coaching.

Program cycle

Typically, our clients would buy an HR I&D Program BASE LICENSE to enable access for two people within a digital HR transformation unit. They receive the program services in an annual cycle. Some services are to be used by all participants – such as research, meetings, and tools. Others will be specifically designed to help clients achieve their individual goals, e.g. through advisory, virtual workshops, benchmark data, and ad-hoc peer consultation meetings, often with other participants to the program.


What sets the HR I&D program apart from other ways of tackling digital HR transformation? It is the tools that TI People co-creates with participating companies, thereby enabling HR leadership teams to meet their most critical transformation jobs. Some exemplary tools: HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic, HR Digital Roadmap Builder, HR Digital Training, and Customer Experience of HR Tool.


The HR I&D program offers meeting formats fulfilling different purposes:

–         Virtual and ad-hoc meetings are convened regularly for fast-cycle peer exploration of specific issues, challenges or developments

–         Bi-annual live meetings are the signature events for the program, where participants experience the program as a team journey and investigate broader strategic topics. A research topic is presented by TI People, then analyzed and looked at from various angles. External thought leaders expand, contribute and complete the best practices of participating companies. All impressions are discussed in small teams of peers, documented in a journey map (see below) and lead to further development of tools accelerating the execution of key underlying initiatives:

Participating companies

Typical participants are leaders of the most progressive HR functions in the world, often pressed by their organization’s complexity and scale to find the best way forward in Digital HR. Here is what some of them have to say about their experience with the program:

  • “The TI people HR I&D Program is the best I’ve seen. I’d recommend that any organization looking to transform HR and improve the experience of their employees should seriously consider joining.” (David Green, IBM, Global Director People Analytics Solutions)
  • “It’s a great network and provides excellent thought provocation with tangible tools to build into practical actions.” (Julie Scott, AXA,
    Group HR Chief Operating Officer)
  • “Great exchange, lots of new ideas and great inspiration for concrete actions.” (Kathrin Schneider, Beiersdorf AG, CoE Systems, Planning & Reporting)
  • “Very inspirational discussions and examples that helps to slice the digital elephant in pieces.” (Dr. Ina Graf-Hoffmann, LEONI AG
    Vice President CoE Attraction & Development)

Workforce Analytics Program: Launch and Charter Meetings

There is no doubt, we will continue to see accelerated ad­vance­ment of people analytics in companies around the globe over the coming years; and with it a demand for skills, knowledge, and tools to equip HR leaders to be better analytics practitio­ners and to make the analytics function more impactful. This is why ‘The Workforce Analytics Program’ is launched — to help organizations build their people analytics functions with insights, best practices, advisory, training, and tools. Owned by Al Adamsen, Jonathan Ferrar and Dirk Petersen and supported by David Green ‘The People Analytics Program’ is proud to enlist TI People as its operational partner. The program will go live on September 1, 2017.

Prior to go-live, we will be running four launch and charter meetings of ‘The People Analytics Program’:

  • July 11th in Amsterdam
    co-hosted by Patrick Coolen, Manager HR Analytics and Strategic workforce planning ABN AMRO Bank
  • July 18th in Silicon Valley
    co-hosted by Alexis Fink, General Manager Talent Intelligence & Analytics, Intel Corporation
  • July 20th in New York City
    co-hosted by Arun Chidambaram, Global Head of Talent Analytics, Pfizer
  • July 25th in London
    co-hosted by Ian Bailie, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and People Planning Operations, Cisco

The agenda of the meetings focuses on leading practices in analytics, with two central themes:

  1. The analytics leader as a business leader: Enabling the analytics leader to be an effective business leader. Analytics are the foundation for better people decisions; but that only holds true, if the business understands the role of analytics and the analytics leader. At the meeting, we will present and discuss first research results and best practices, answering:
    • How do successful analytics leaders manage to be seen as business leaders?
    • How do you build a team with the right balance of skills (and what are the ‘must have’, ‘nice to have’ skills)?
    • How do successful analytics leaders manage to ‘look ahead,’ and balance the tactical with the strategic agenda?
  2. Managing workforce-related data ethics and privacy: What it is. How it impacts the discipline and practice of people analytics. And what global organizations can do to manage workforce data effectively and in compliance with regulations and laws around the globe. At the meeting, we will present and discuss first research results and best practices:
    • How organizations capture and utilize employee data
    • Key opportunities and risks inherent in utilizing workforce-related data
    • People analytics expert views of future development of workforce data capture and usage


The meetings are limited to a maximum of 20 participants each. All of them are already very well booked. The majority of participants will be hand-selected, leading practitioners in the workforce analytics field. Yet there are a couple of seats left which we are opening up. If you are a leader of a Workforce Analytics team and would like to join one of the sessions, please reach out to Dirk Petersen via LinkedIn or through our contact form. Dirk will try his best to accommodate you!