The People Analytics Program

The People Analytics Program provides the support you need to accurately formulate your people analytics vision and, in turn, quickly and effectively navigate the path to achieving it. All with the aim of influencing your business performance. Its goal is to increase the speed and effectiveness of people analytics and the initiatives it supports: business performance, talent strategy, workforce planning, organizational design, diversity & inclusion, culture creation, employee experience, productivity and cost management. We do this by organizing and facilitating an ongoing experience of workshops, peer group meetings and conferences, supported by learning content, tools, templates, and what we call agile research – research that delivers quickly by using the power of a vibrant, social media connected network. Taken together, we strive to help all members serve their internal customers – executives, business unit leaders, HR Business Partners and others – more effectively and efficiently.

The People Analytics Program is run not by TI People but by a separate company: Insight222. Owned by TI People, Al Adamsen, Jonathan Ferrar and Dirk Petersen and supported by David Green, Insight222 is proud to enlist TI People as its operational partner for The People Analytics Program.