What's The Value Of Designing And Managing The Candidate Experience?

In highly competitive talent markets, candidates and employees behave like customers. Companies applying the marketing principles of customer experience design achieve on average 25% higher revenue outcomes compared to their peers.

Employees and candidates expect an ever-higher quality of experience when interacting with their (future) employer. Progressive HR leaders shift to an outside-in perspective of HR – the Customer Experience of HR – to design, measure and manage the employee experience.

A compelling use case of this approach is the recruitment of scarce talent profiles. By putting candidates first, designing their journeys and measuring their experience, practitioners build competitive advantage for their firm and improve recruitment outcomes.



How We Enable Amazing Candidate Experiences

Design and Prioritize Candidate Personas

Tap into templatized, ready-made personas (co-created by the group). Use available tools and insights to customize to your own organization

Fast-Redesign Journey Map & Critical Touch Points

For each candidate Persona, use our Journey Creation tool along with existing candidate templates that are ready to re-use. Redesign critical touch points based on co-creation data and a design thinking approach

Measure Candidate Experience at Critical Touch Points

Experiment and improve journey / touchpoint design by monitoring NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score) improvement

Benchmark Journey / Touchpoint performance vs. Talent Competitors

The co-creation dataset will allow you to benchmark with talent competitors at the overall journey level or at critical touch points (ie: 2nd interview, offer, etc.)

Our Co-creation Methodology

In partnership with a few global companies, TI People is co-creating a set of technologies, tools and data that support the design and management of amazing candidate experiences.

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