Services to improve the Candidate and New Hire Experience

What do you really mean by candidate and new hire experience?

According to Linkedin, 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% have shared their experience on sites such as

While it is a priority to design and deliver superior experiences for Candidates and New Hires, it is complex to plan and execute. Accounting for the entire ecosystem of human, digital and physical interactions that Candidates and New hires have with the company, it is challenging to scale across regions, business units and talent segments.

Understanding, designing and delivering superior candidate and new hire experiences at scale is complex. It demands a human-centered, holistic understanding of the end-to-end experience and the ability to design and deliver experiences all the time and everywhere. We suggest that you take approach of ‘think big, start small, iterate as you scale’:

The Employee Experience Index Diagnostic (EXI©)

Assess the quality of interactions people have with your organization from their first moment of contact through everyday work life to the day you part ways. And beyond.  Quickly identify opportunities, establish a baseline, compare and contrast your organization’s experience with those of competitors and peers, and much more.

Journey Network Recruiting & Onboarding

Improve attraction, offer acceptance and new hire turnover while you enable a more constructive relationship with hiring managers. Benchmark candidate and new hire experience, jump-start experience re-design with journey map templates, accelerate innovation in co-creation. And embed experience delivery in your teams’ work – at scale.

EX Proof of Concept

Demonstrate the application of a human-centered design approach to identify and solve Employee Experience problems.  Focus on a predefined space within a rapid timeline, while laying the foundation to scale experience improvements and innovations across the organization.


EX Platform

Embed EX design and delivery in the flow of work – at scale and across your entire organization. Give access to the ‘single point of truth’ for journeys and touchpoints, re-design tools and real-time EX measurement data. Enable local teams to act and improve EX.

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