A skill-based organization of work to enable organizational agility

In the new world of employment, organizations are forced to respond to changes much faster. HR will need to reinvent talent management by changing its approach from job-centered to much more skill-centered. This is definitely worth the effort: A more skill-based organization can result in up to 9% higher company performance.

The building blocks of a skill-based organization

Agile practices are in center of many HR discussions. The current long-term and role-focused talent management practices are not suited for agile approaches, leaving companies uncomfortably uncertain about what to do instead. We identified 5 building blocks:

How we support our clients

Maturity Diagnostic

Assess your maturity for the building blocks of a skill-based organization relative to their importance for the company – this will help you to design your skill management roadmap.

Vendor Landscape

Get an in-depth analysis of the market for skill management technology categorized by the problems the respective technologies solve. Get to know the established product ‘leaders’ and the new ‘disruptors’ in each category.

Team Workshop

Discuss findings from maturity diagnostic and leading reference practice to define your company’s roadmap to a more skill-based organization of work.

Digital HR Strategy Base Pack

  • Maturity Diagnostic
  • Leadership Team Workshop
  • Roadmap Builder

Digital HR Program

  • Includes the Digital HR Strategy Base Pack but offers extra actionable tools, webinars, e-learning courses and several co-creation initiatives to guarantee HR innovation capability.