Over 200 EX leaders and practitioners have joined one of our EXploration workshops in the last eight weeks. This is what they have discovered so far…

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EXploration Classes 1 & 2


In Class #1, tight breakout groups and a practical workshop led by John Boudreau and Christoph Knorn helped participants explore how to build an EX mindset at their organizations. 

We discussed EX tenets – the baseline of beliefs –  an organization must share and align around before it can act on EX effectively.  These tenets are the foundation upon which the notion of EX rests and tells the story of what it means to be EX-led.

With guidance from EX innovator and HR transformation expert Susanne Jeffery, participants in Class #2 explored how to reset EX with the business – in the context of COVID-19.

EXploration Class #3


Frontline managers play an instrumental role in organizations: They make the difference for customers and employees and therefore have a direct impact on business performance.

Breakout groups led by Matt Dixon and Lisa Morris explored how to improve manager experience for better outcomes. Key takeaways included:

  • There is an important link between customer experience, employee experience and manager experience. Indeed, improving managers’ experience activates a “multiplier effect” on EX and CX.
  • Organizations need to solve the needs of managers by co-creating solutions with them.  And to support this approach, we first need to reframe thinking around the role of the manager to reflect their reality — as Employee, Service Provider to staff and Service Provider to customer

Finally, we showed how EX leaders can take a data-led approach to bring the Frontline Manager Experience conversation to the table with the business.

EXploration Class #4


Hosted in partnership with Microsoft, participants met MS Workplace Intelligence leader Erik Anderson, who shared exclusive insights from the world’s biggest pool of data on people’s behavior at work. Erik explained how organizations are using this data about the way people work to prioritize the human side of business continuity. Participants also came away from the Class with a framework for thinking about the different roles of data, insights, and evidence in EX.

Thank you to everyone who joined the EXploration series!

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