Three Forces Joining: Analytics, Design and Org Development

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Jul 28, 2022

How to bring them behind EX?

Sustainable and scalable Employee Experience management requires a close linkage of three functions that are already existing in many organizations: (1) People Analytics, (2) Design, (3) Organization Development.

• People Analytics: EX data is a necessity to manage Employee Experience. It must be analyzed in context of other people data (e.g. transactional and operational data from Workday or ServiceNow). The result of that analysis must be a deep understanding of the experiences of people, how much they matter to them, and how good they are, in context of internal and external benchmarks, volume data, etc.

• Design: The insights from people analytics must be provided to a design team in a way that design work is partially automated with data – to accelerate design work and to make it more efficient. It has to allow for prioritization and the development of hypotheses for root causes of and potential solutions for poor experiences. Therefore, a design perspective on data requirements is important – only if designers can work with the insights will analytics teams be valuable to Employee Experience management.

• Organization Development: After a design is implemented and tested, organization development will have to ensure that the feedback loop is closed. Only by re-measuring the experience of the re-designed process / tool / policy / service will the organization learn ‘what works’. And only that way will a successful design spark the next iteration to go after the next experience improvement.

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