Whenever a new idea or innovative research insight is discussed within the HR Innovation & Digitalization Program, TI People makes these ideas applicable through digital HR transformation tools. All tools are co-created with the programs’ participating companies, in order to guarantee practical relevance. Actionable tools are a major element of what TI People is all about: Equipping HR leadership teams with the resources they need to master their most crucial digital HR transformation ‘jobs’. Align the HR agenda to digital, create business buy-in for HR digital, gather crucial knowledge of digital concepts inside the HR function, coordinate implementation of digital initiatives, and optimize customer experience of HR services.

HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic

For successful transformations it is vital that HR leadership teams jointly agree on HR digital priorities and ways to incorporate them into the strategic HR agenda of the company. Within two weeks and with minimal disruption of current workflows, the HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic supplies data and insights to an HR leadership team poised to set course towards a digital future:

A key – and continuously updated – insight of TI People research is the Digital HR Transformation Framework that identifies all elements that truly add value to the digital discussion. The HR Digital Maturity Diagnostic analyzes the specific maturity of a company in each of these HR digital elements. It does so by putting the company’s actual maturity into perspective: The tool provides maturity levels for HR digital elements relative to their importance for the company, relative to the company’s specific implementation risk and relative to a peer benchmark. Core of the analysis is a self-assessment of indicators for HR digital maturity by the HR leadership team. Optionally, it can be augmented by looking at the perspectives of business leaders or other major stakeholders, e.g. the IT function. The assessment is done by an anonymized online assessment that takes 45 minutes to complete for each HR Leadership Team member.

HR Digital Roadmap Builder

One of the jobs of an HR leadership team when it comes to digitally transforming their function is the coordinated implementation of digital elements of their strategic agenda. And this is exactly what the HR Digital Roadmap Builder is designed to support:

Once the priorities of a digital HR transformation are defined, companies need a roadmap for a coordinated implementation of these priorities. The HR Digital Roadmap Builder is a toolbox for project teams to define and execute the HR Digital Roadmap – a self-service toolkit, that is based on a step-by-step implementation guide and a set of proven templates for running a digital HR transformation project. By using this toolkit, HR digital project teams can reduce their project management effort by as much as 30 percent.

HR Digital Training

Upskilling the HR function in digital concepts is crucial for HR leadership teams when it comes to digital HR transformation. This HR Digital Training provides business HR professionals with exactly the ‘fluency level’ they need to embark on meaningful discussions with business leaders about a digital role for HR. The coaching program comes with one classroom and one digital learning option.

Together with member companies of our HR I&D Program, TI People have developed five learning modules: ‘How the world of work is changing’, ‘How HR as a function is going digital’, ‘Network leadership’, ‘Customer experience of HR’, and ‘Workforce Analytics’. These modules help HR professionals to answer questions like:

  • Why is digital HR transformation the best response to a changing world of work?
  • What do the new principles of HR in a digital world (workforce analytics, customer experience) mean specifically?
  • How to …
    1. describe the value contribution of the HR function in a digital world.
    2. have a meaningful conversation about the new world of work.
    3. explain the people risks of the digital future to business managers.
    4. effectively use digital tools for HR work.
    5. design HR services with much better customer experience.

CxHR Tool

Optimizing the customer experience of HR services is one of the jobs HR leadership teams face in today’s digital age. TI People together with twelve co-creation partners of our HR I&D program have created the first SAAS tool for customer experience and design thinking in HR. It combines the best practices of these companies in design thinking, customer journeys, personas, touch points and experience design. This tool reduces the workload associated with new customer experience job by up to 50%.

The tool covers six steps of customer experience design:

  • Select the most impactful HR service for CxHR optimization
  • Define HR customer segments and journeys for chosen service
  • Specify personas and their goals within the journey
  • Describe touchpoints of the journeys from the personas’ perspectives
  • Document personas’ experience and expectations at each touchpoint of the journey
  • Derive improvement potential from gap analysis of experience vs. expectation

Moreover, it provides the option of an integration with your workflow systems to record and manage customer experience on an ongoing basis and based on ‘hard’ KPIs.