Frontline managers play an instrumental role in organizations. They are the difference makers for customers and employees. Consequently, they have the most direct impact on business performance – especially during present times of economic uncertainty.

Research shows that traditional programs like leadership development, culture and engagement surveys used to stimulate manager performance are inadequate. They fall short of the mark because they fail to consider the human experience of being a manager. An empathetic view into a day in the life of frontline managers would reveal numerous opportunities in this area.

By centering on the needs of frontline managers and co-creating solutions with them, we can simplify processes and structures, eliminate redundant work, make technology more useful, enhance the work environment and conditions, and nurture more authentic connections – making work more fulfilling and impactful.

Moreover, due to their reach and influence, improving managers’ experiences activates what we call a ‘multiplier effect.’ Better manager experience drives better employee experience and vice versa. In turn, both of these result in better customer experience and better business performance overall.

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