What are Employee Experience leaders’ biggest priorities this year?

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Jul 28, 2022

There are four key priorities for Employee Experience Leaders to focus on this year:

1. Achieve a real employee-centric perspective within the organization. Priorities for improvement are still often defined top-down, e.g. by an HR Leadership Team, the IT roadmap, etc., rather than based on employees’ priorities. Instead of doing something FOR or TO employees, organizations need to learn to do it WITH them.

2. Build experience intelligence. Employee Experience requires a new currency for success, which is EX KPIs. Having them will help drive the required change in perspective, prioritize the most impactful areas to focus on, and also serve as proof for success of Employee Experience initiatives.

3. Scale up Employee Experience. Start with a small business priority, apply EX approaches and use success cases to expand Employee Experience, find backing of executives and secure budgets to build the required methods and tools to make complex organizations Employee Experience-centric.

4. Set a strong vision for Employee Experience and communicate it. This includes a promise to employees to make their experience of work as delightful and effortless as possible. But it also involves publicly (e.g. at an annual conference) demonstrating to investors the value of Employee Experience: It is a key requirement to enable employees to create value for the organization.

Please share your current Employee Experience priorities in the comments down below, looking forward to discussing with you.

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