Three assets make TI People unique: Our co-creation of insights and best practices, our co-creation of tools and technology for comprehensive self-help of our clients – and our focus on digital HR transformation.


Co-creation of Insights

Speed up your digital transformation by tapping into the knowledge pools of the world’s most progressive companies in digital HR. TI People bases its business model on the co-creation of insights generated by leading global companies and their HR executives. Together with our clients, we develop a joint understanding of what works best for companies. We are using a unique and innovative co-creation approach to generating these insights. That way, TI People’s clients can transform quicker because they benefit from their peers’ best experiences.


Co-creation of Technology & Tools

After the co-creation of digital HR insights, TI People together with its clients enter into co-creation of technology and tools to make insights actionable. We deploy design thinking and agile development methods and we always build technology and tools together with clients – for their benefit. Tools range from maturity assessment tools to training tools, technology can be a SaaS platform to re-design digital HR services or a digital listening platform to capture ‘Customer Experience of HR’ (CxHR).


Digital HR Focus

The digital age poses challenges to the world of work that can only be overcome by embracing new approaches to transform HR. TI People dedicates itself to follow through with these approaches. Its technology, data, benchmarking, services and know-how help companies to innovate their HR transformation programs, define, build and implement their digital HR agenda and innovate their ways to manage work and people in a digital age.