What stops organizations from actively working on Employee Experience?

by Dr. Timo Tischer


Aug 23, 2022

There are several roadblocks for organizations to adopt Employee Experience approaches, but I focus on two key aspects.

Firstly, Employee Experience is not yet perceived as a proven driver of company performance. We have strong proof points, also in research e.g. by MIT Sloan or HBR, but it is not yet commonly known. Therefore, Employee Experience has not yet fully landed on CEOs and CHROs agendas where it definitely belongs. Without executive buy-in, it is difficult to gain budget and initiate experience improvements that prove the value of EX.

The second key roadblock is that Employee Experience approaches somewhat interfere with other ways of collecting employee feedback, mostly engagement. Employee engagement is an established way to look at how employees perceive their organizations. Data is mostly collected through large-scale census surveys that run annually or every second year. Employee Experience requires true EX data, and it’s difficult to get a place in the measurement calendars of organizations. That’s a shame because combining Employee Experience and engagement data is very powerful (to read more: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/timo-tischer_employeeexperience-ex-peopleexperience-activity-6938420764899479553-8uBM?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web). 

Let me know what you see as key roadblocks to establishing Employee Experience in the comments below.

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