The APEX model:
How organizations can systemically improve employee experience

APEX: Activities driving the Practice of EX

What is the APEX model?

It’s a model that exposes and organizes what’s driving the practice of EX. It reveals what it takes to improve employees’ experiences in ways that are sustainable and replicable.


The APEX model provides leaders with the foundation to chart their organization’s path on EX, for maximum success.

It is based on research we conducted with dozens of global EX leaders and on our experience of more than 150 EX projects with clients.

The APEX model

Activities driving the Practice of EX

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Engaging further


If you are a leader / practitioner attempting to affect systemic change on EX in your organization, and you would like to:

(1) Access the full model

(2) Discuss and provide input to the model

(3) Reflect on how the model can be a useful tool in your context