whether you know it or not, you are competing on experience

people expect superior experiences from the companies they do business with,
and they expect the same from the organizations they work for. 

Better Employee Experience (Applied EX)

better employee experience is good for business too 

A poor experience of work is the root cause of people’s underperformance and retention issues.

If organizations can create positive employee experiences (EX), the benefits are clear: Good experiences make us more productive, more committed to the company, and more likely to wow customers. 

closing the experience gap with Applied EX

Employee experience has become a high-visibility issue at the executive and board levels.

While investments are beginning to flow towards closing the experience gap, companies still struggle to make a meaningful, measurable impact. Applied employee experience will help you achieve that.

Without tangible results, valued talent will seek better experiences elsewhere.

only 38% of people report being highly satisfied with their everyday work experiences


make people feel great at work


TI People partners with Employee Experience Leaders to enrich people’s experience at work. Based on years of EX research validated in over 90+ projects, our intelligence-based “Applied EX” approach to EX enables organizations to effectively improve people’s experience at work.

5 horizons of Applied EX (c)

The ‘5 Horizons of EX’ are our point of view on how to apply EX.

World-class organizations deliver results through superior human experiences of work.

"Applied EX" will help you achieve that.

learn how.

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