• More effective HR function through ‘consumerization’
  • Better people decisions based on workforce analytics
  • Agile company through skill-based organization of work

Digital HR Transformation For the Future of Work

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About TI People

We are dedicated to transformation, innovation and digitalization of people management in global organizations. Three assets make TI People unique in the consulting market: Our peer base of senior HR leaders, our innovative ‘Enabling’ Approach to make companies ready for reliable self-help and our strict focus on change, transformation and innovation.

Transform to Innovate People Management

The digital age poses challenges to the world of work organization that can only be overcome by embracing new approaches to transform HR. It is in this sense, that TI People is offering its services and know-how to help companies improve their HR transformation programs, define and build their digital HR agenda and innovate their way to manage people.

Innovative HR Transformation

Eight out of ten large organizations have set up global programs to make their HR function more effective at reduced cost. But only two of them achieve their goals. Why so few? Read about the downward spiral that defines transformation failure.

Innovative Agenda to Digitalize HR

Data and networks will disrupt the way we work. The HR function isn’t well prepared. 80% of CEOs do not receive the data they need from HR. Hence, HR has not yet earned the right to sit at the executive table where digital disruption is discussed. But they should – digitalization will turn the HR function upside-down.

Innovative Workforce Analytics

HR is not a data savvy function: Between 80 and 100% of CEOs require strategic decision support from people data, yet less than 20% of them receive such information from HR. That message is well understood by HR: Analytics is constantly climbing up the ladder of priorities of Heads of HR. Much has been written. Less has been realized. Yet the business case for advanced workforce analytics is clear: If set up correctly, mature analytics companies achieve better talent outcomes and produce higher business impact.


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