Everyone is competing on experience. Now what?

Organizations must rapidly deliver on the promise of great work experiences, or risk missing out not only the talent they need but the latent productivity that better employee experiences unlocks

Better Employee Experience (Applied EX)

competing on experience allows both people and businesses to win

People are expecting more from the organizations they work for, and organizations are expecting more from the people who work for them. The way through this tension? Better employee experiences.

If organizations can create positive experiences of work, they will not only be doing right by their people, but also by their shareholders. In fact, at the root of better retention and greater productivity are better experiences.

winning on employee experience requires precision

Now that all leading organizations have understood that people expect superior work experiences, the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘how’ to continuously improve experiences for their people.


Most organizations aim for better overall experience, but real impact comes when they shift their focus to better experiences.


79% struggle to coordinate EX work across their organization

State of EX 2022 Study


This new focus shifts improvement efforts from big, broad initiatives (that have limited results), to sharper, more ‘surgical’ work with higher impact on people’s experiences and business outcomes. This new approach requires precision, supported by a system of new tools and practices to coordinate employee experience work across the organization.

make people feel great at work


TI People partners with Employee Experience Leaders to enrich people’s experience at work. Based on years of EX research validated in over 90+ projects, our intelligence-based “Applied EX” approach to EX enables organizations to effectively improve people’s experience at work.

5 horizons of Applied EX (c)

The ‘5 Horizons of EX’ are our point of view on how to apply EX.

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