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We are dedicated to transform and innovate people management for a new world of work

The digital age poses challenges to the world of employment that can only be overcome by embracing new approaches in HR. A strong driver of the next level of HR is the ability to manage the employee experience at scale. TI People’s solutions help companies to do just that: Start improving employee experience by understanding your customer – and not by employing new technologies right away.

Problems we solve

We support global HR leaders and their teams in their journey towards digital with:

Employee Experience

Manage the employee experience at scale, design journey maps and HR customer personas, measure employee experience in real time, and build dashboards to assess and prove its impact on engagement, productivity and HR function efficiency.

Skill-based Organization

Create the business case for a skill-based organization of work, diagnose your maturity to manage skills, and understand the latest technology that helps to manage skills and a more agile organization of work.

People Analytics

Start leveraging the power of data, learn from the world’s prolific thinkers in people analytics, collaborate with peers, build advanced analytics use cases and a delivery model to maximize analytic impact of HR.
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How we support our clients

Data & Technology

We help our clients to navigate their digital HR journey with cloud-based employee experience design and analytics tools, benchmarking data, and maturity diagnostics.


All our solutions are created together with our clients. In agile development formats, we ideate and prototype innovative approaches to solving HR pain points in the digital age.


By leveraging co-created solutions, data, and technology in combination with deep management consulting expertise, we enable our clients to stay ahead of the HR digital curve.

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