EXtra! EXtra! Hear All About EX! Podcast: On moving EX from boardroom to office floor

Welcome to Season 2 of EXtra! EXtra!

We begin a brand new season with a brand new plan. It’s 2024 and we are done pontificating on Employee Experience and why it matters.


Because we all know it does.


So in Season 2 we are asking the people who live and breathe EX and workplace culture to give us a peek into their playbook – the How-to guide to EX if you will.


The first episode is with the incredible Stephanie Denino, Managing Director of TI People – an employee experience consultancy (EX). Before joining TI People, Stephanie spent 6 years building the Global Employee Experience team at Accenture.

Listen in to Stephanie as she speaks to Tydy’s Kiran and Debkanya about the findings of the State of EX report, and applying agile principles towards shipping EX ideas out of the boardroom and onto the office floor.

o thrive.

Listen here to the full episode.