TI People

About TI People

We are a global consulting and technology firm that serves progressive HR leaders and their teams. We enable our clients to make significant improvements to the HR function’s performance and to the experience HR creates for managers, employees, candidates, alumni and freelancers. We use a co-creation approach with our most progressive clients to build technology, insights, benchmarks and services in the key areas underpinning a successful digital HR transformation.

We support global HR leaders in their journey towards digital.

Partner Network

To aid the most progressive executives in the world with premier insights and change support we have built a partner network of well-respected experts in their domains.

Dedicated to elevate the People Analytics discipline and provide unique and valuable knowledge, tools, and skills through the world’s most recognized and highly regarded network and People Analytics program.
One of the leading providers of Cloud-based solutions for Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Management. We co-created a ‘Customer Experience of HR’ (CxHR) design tool and integrated a measurement plug-in.
Focuses on strategic and conceptual HRIS support, providing in-depth technology know-how to implement the resulting changes. We work with Martin Braun’s SHAPEiN to complement our strategic advice.
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