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The world is changing ever faster, and so is HR: Artificial intelligence emerges as an important topic. Chatbots and recruiter bots will be the new interface to HR. HR will help business leaders identify their most critical skills. Employees will learn in ‘nano’ formats and ad-hoc. Multi-channel, always-on performance feedback will be the norm. And all of that will massively impact the experience of HR customers.

6 journey networks for continuous EX innovation

All innovation in HR and its impact on employee experience should be organized by journeys – correlating to what employees actually experience. Hence, companies need a way to manage their HR customer (= employee) journeys in a way that makes innovation a continuous improvement. The best way to achieve this is an assisted, structured and focused exchange on journey innovation with true peers in other companies. These peer discussion need tangible outcomes – we document them as quarterly updates of reference journey maps.

Joining & Onboarding Journeys

For: Talent Acquisition Leaders and team
Innovations: Candidate apps, AI in selection, recruiter bots, onboarding apps, ...

Consuming HR Services Journeys

For: Heads of HR Operations and team
Innovations: Chatbots, employee apps, benefits cafeteria, online pay-slip, employee profile, ...

Learning Journeys

For: Heads of L&D and team
Innovations: Real-time skill detection, micro / gamified / e-learning, personal learning budget, …

Performing Journeys

For: Heads of Performance Management and team
Innovations: Multi-channel, real-time feedback, performance predictors, comp conversation, ...

Advancing Journeys

For: Heads of Talent Management and team
Innovations: Career planning, AI in potential assessment, integrated expat services, …

Managing my Team Journeys

For: HR Business Partners and team
Innovations: Change and reorganization, workforce planning, analytics, engagement, collaboration, …

How we will work together

Live Exchange

Annual meeting with peers to discuss latest innovations and their perceived impact on employee experience.

Virtual Exchange

Quarterly virtual ‘sprint review’ meetings to link to latest research, benchmarking data and reference practice to journey maps.

Journey Map Updates

Quarterly updates of journey maps (reference practice, research documents, benchmarking data points).


Communities of Practice

  • Journey Map Templates
  • 1 Live Innovation Meeting
  • 3 Co-creation Meetings
  • Innovation insights

Communities of Practice

$ 790
  • Journey Map Templates
  • 1 Live Innovation Meeting
  • 3 Co-creation Meetings
  • Innovation insights
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